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Serving The Long Island Community For Over 20 Years


Classes & Sessions

We have over 30 classes that can be taken independently, or as part of our various certifications.  All services are provided by certified practitioners. 

Training & Certifications

Experience the impactful services that Pathways to Health has been recognized for.  

You can turn your passion for alternative wellness into a career by getting certified in concentrated areas of wellness & healing.  Focus in specific areas: An-Ra, Hypnosis, our very own HypnoSynergistic Therapy, & more. 

Neurofeedback Therapy

Find out how Neurofeedback can help you or a loved one overcome ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, PTSD, Concussions and more.


Pathways To Health is a community based holistic treatment and eduction center designed to provide physical and psychospiritual services which integrate traditional and alternative forms of healing. Pathways' focus is the maintenance and promotion of optimum wellness through the provision of a variety of programs and services. The center is staffed by a multidisciplinary team of New York State licensed and certified professionals, with referral services to a cadre of other health care providers.



I have been associated and taken many transformative classes at Pathways over the years. The deep compassion and highly refined energy of the instructors make these classes magical. The empowerment and healing derived from these classes is second to none.! The variety of courses offered is wonderful. Something everyone should taste. Sign up today!


Inspiring, enlightening and very spiritual. You will relax your mind and embrace your full being.


Amazing Healing Center. Different Paths to Healing Spiritually , Physically and Emotionally.

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