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Become a certified hypnotherapist today

This is a 100 hr program that leads to certification by The American Board of Hypnotherapy. It is also a requirement for certification as a HypnoSynergistic Practitioner. This 4 module sequence takes Dr. Bezmen's over 35 years of clinical experience and puts it into a format that is easy to learn. Beginners as well as advanced practitioners will be able to use these new skills immediately in their practice.


Fall/Winter Session 2018

MODULE 1: September 21-23

Hypnosis I

Participants learn a philosophy and powerful system of healing: How to communicate effectively with the inner mind, misconceptions surrounding hypnosis, functions of the subconscious mind, levels of trance, several induction techniques, pacing & leading to establish rapport, behavioral approaches in treatment; and supervised practicum experience.

Pre-requisite: None

MODULE 2: October 19-21

Hypnosis II: Investigative Hypnosis - Direct Methods of Uncovering

Participants learn:

  • Advanced induction techniques

  • Indirect suggestions and inductions

  • Direct approaches to the origin of the problem including ideomotor questioning

  • Current life hypnotic age regression

  • Parts integration

  • How to handle abreaction and release of trauma

  • Reframing the limiting thoughts and how to work with the resistant client.

 Supervised experience is provided.

 Pre-requisite: Hypnosis I: Creative Visualization

MODULE 3: November 16-18

Hypnosis III: Investigative Hypnosis - Indirect Methods of Uncovering
This section takes part 1 & 2 and adds easy methods of uncovering the origin of the behavior. Using the affect, linguistic and somatic bridges the student learns how to identify the limiting thoughts, the reaction to these thoughts and how to locate where in the cellular memory it is stored. Methods of reframing and restructuring the imprints into positive affirmations and behavior is emphasized so that the client can make the desired changes.
Supervised experience is provided.
 Pre-requisite: Hypnosis I: Creative Visualization, Hypnosis II: Investigative Hypnosis - Direct Methods of Uncovering

MODULE 4: December 7-9

Hypnosis IV: Transformational Healing

In this segment participants learn how to:

  • Use advanced methods of uncovering the origins of symptomatic behavior

  • Heal the inner child

  • Incorporate spirituality into the hypnotic experience

  • Set up a hypnosis practice

The core of this course is a powerful transformational healing process that helps clients release deep seated blocks to their personal growth and development. Case presentations by instructors and participants, as well as supervised experiences are also provided.

Pre-requisite: Hypnosis I, Hypnosis II, Hypnosis III

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