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Spiritual Journey Within

Our Foundational Course

Spiritual Journey Within is a powerful healing and transformational experience that is the foundation course for many of the tracks at Pathways. Specifically designed meditations and journeys make this course equally effective for both the beginner who may be new to a spiritual path, as well as the experienced meditator who has been on a spiritual path for many years.

It is designed to help you:

  • Connect with your Higher Self

  • Discover your deepest soul qualities

  • Handle change in your life effectively

  • Realize the power of thought

  • Give and receive unconditional love

  • Use inspirational writing

  • Use energy to facilitate healing in yourself and others

  • Live a more spiritual, awakened and fulfilling life.


Pre-requisite: None   


An-Ra is designed to teach you how to use An-Ra energy from the Earth and Source. Guided meditations will help you get in touch with the healer within your soul, using An-Ra Energy to bring about healing in yourself and others. Learn to suspend ego, operating only from your Higher Self, so you can connect from your heart with Divine Compassion and Understanding. Learn to use your intuitive senses, cleanse chakras, and release blocks that keep you from growing and developing spiritually. An-Ra healing is a personal process that leads to transformation and balancing of the whole self.


Prerequisite: Spiritual Journey Within

An-Ra: Healing From The Heart

This is an in depth two day course that will take the student from the most basic aspects of the Chakra System to its multidimensional complexity.

Day 1: Covers chakras as energy vortexes, chakras as aspects of consciousness, multidimensional communication and reading the chakras.

Day 2: Covers chakras and their archetypes, how the chakras effect the biological system, advanced diagnosis techniques with emotional, spiritual & physical dis-ease and balancing & healing the chakras.


Pre-requisite: None

Chakra Medicine Workshop

This section takes the first part and adds natural, easy methods of uncovering the origin of the behavior. Using the affect, linguistic and somatic bridges the student learns how to identify the limiting thoughts, the reaction to these thoughts and how to locate where in the cellular memory it is stored. Methods of reframing and restructuring the imprints into positive affirmations and behavior is emphasized so that the client can make the desired changes.

Supervised experience is provided.


Pre-requisite: Hypnosis I: Creative Visualization, Hypnosis II: Investigative Hypnosis - Direct Methods of Uncovering

Hypnosis III: Investigative Hypnosis - Indirect Methods of Uncovering

Mastering the skills and techniques for past life regression and spirit release. Understand how issues from past lives can impact this life both positive and negative. Learn how the energy of negative thoughts can "attach" to thought bodies and influence this life's journey


Pre-requisite: Hypnosis I, Hypnosis II, Hypnosis III, Hypnosis IV

Hypnosis V - Spirit Release

Participants learn a philosophy and powerful system of healing: How to communicate effectively with the inner mind, misconceptions surrounding hypnosis, functions of the subconscious mind, levels of trance, several induction techniques, pacing & leading to establish rapport, behavioral approaches in treatment; and supervised practicum experience.


Pre-requisite: None

Hypnosis I

This is an advanced training that teaches participants to become spiritual mediums bridging the human world with the spiritual world. The participants are taught how to conduct PSI Sessions (Psycho-Spiritual Investigation) to be able to bring souls that have crossed over, to heal relationships with those that are still in the human form.

In addition, participants learn how to conduct house and land clearings to balance the energy in homes and to help lost souls move into God's Light. This is a very powerful program for those that want to develop their inner senses to a very high intensity and to do sacred healing work.


Pre-requisite: Spiritual Journey Within (Foundation Course), Intuitive Counseling I

Intuitive Counseling II: Mediumship

Have you ever wondered what meditation really is? If you could learn to do it? If it takes a long time to do? You can find the answers to these and many other questions you might have at Pathways' beginners course in meditation principles and practice.

This three hour workshop is designed to give participants a brief overview of the history of meditation,  helps them identify the differences between meditation, guided imagery, progressive relaxation and prayer. Techniques of focused breathing, grounding, and a special three minute stress reducer are also covered.

No special skills or knowledge base, other than a desire to promote wellness and balance in your life, is required for participation in this relaxed, enjoyable workshop.

Pre-requisite: None

Meditation 101

This Pain Management Workshop provides hypnotherapists with the tools necessary for hypnotic methods of reducing pain, and increasing comfort in clients with acute and chronic pain. Each time this course is offered it is well received.

Students will learn how to facilitate a variety of powerful pain reduction techniques as well as how to empower their clients with the use of self-hypnosis in their pain management. Causes and effects of pain will be discussed, as well as the role stress plays in the pain response.

Hypnotherapists will also learn a number of ways to help individuals direct their attention away from pain, or alter their response to it. Language patterns, and their impact on a person's reaction to pain will be discussed and applied to the clinical setting.

This course provides 15 contact hours for Hypnotherapy re-certification.


Pre-requisite: Certification in Clinical Hypnosis (Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist)

Pathways to Pain Management

Graduates of Spiritual Journey will have an opportunity to continue their personal spiritual growth and to develop their inner gifts. Some of the topics that will be covered are:

  • Compassion is a gift of spirit in our humanity, so how do we actually become a compassionate person?

  • Explore how one can integrate an open heart and mind while facing challenges of daily life.

  • The profound wisdom of mindfulness and methods of guiding self to this state of being.

  • Self worth and self-confidence: Living life with love and respect of our own humanity is the foundation for the acceptance and respect of others.


This is a very powerful healing weekend.


Prerequisite: Spiritual Journey

Spiritual Journey Within II: Living Life With An Open Heart

This class is designed for the serious An-Ra Healer, who wants to continue developing energy skills and techniques. This includes: Focused healing, laser healing, etheric surgery, and Brazilian Shamanic Techniques.


This program was created to assist each participant in uncovering the depth of their true self. The use of An-Ra Healing energy is the tool for bringing core balance into everyday life. Much more than a feel-good workshop, these methods will become part of your journey in this lifetime. Accessing your gifts, wisdom, and soul's guidance will become as effortless as your breath. 


The goals of Master An-Ra:

1. To live a peaceful, creative and loving life. 

2. To be able to implement the gifts that you have discovered into your daily activities. 

3. To live and appreciate this life with greater passion.

4. To Share "The Light that you are."

This incredible program includes: 

-Didactic and experiential teaching

-Measurable goals and experiences

-Transformational journeys that you experience during the class

-Reinforcing the change by listening to journeys at home.

Master An-Ra Healing

Participants learn:

  • Advanced induction techniques

  • Indirect suggestions and inductions

  • Direct approaches to the origin of the problem including ideomotor questioning

  • Current life hypnotic age regression

  • Parts integration

  • How to handle abreaction and release of trauma

  • Reframing the limiting thoughts and how to work with the resistant client.


Supervised experience is provided.


Pre-requisite: Hypnosis I: Creative Visualization

Hypnosis II: Investigative Hypnosis - Direct Methods of Uncovering

In this segment participants learn how to:

  • Use advanced methods of uncovering the origins of symptomatic behavior

  • Heal the inner child

  • Incorporate spirituality into the hypnotic experience

  • Set up a hypnosis practice

The core of this course is a powerful transformational healing process that helps clients release deep seated blocks to their personal growth and development. Case presentations by instructors and participants, as well as supervised experiences are also provided.

Pre-requisite: Hypnosis I, Hypnosis II, Hypnosis III

Hypnosis IV: Transformational Healing

A healthy inner child provides us with a foundation of passion, vitality, creativity, joy, spontaneity, and a freedom to live, grow and experience life without crippling fear. Join us for a two day intensive and LEARN to use the HypnoSynergistic Approach™ to heal your inner child; LEARN to re-parent your self in a way that no one else could do as well; LEARN how to become the Real You; who is alive, vibrant, radiant and capable of experiencing TRUE LOVE.

Learn to:

  • Live with Joy

  • Enhance Creativity

  • Awaken your Passion

  • Release Fear

  • Nurture Your Self


Pre-requisite: None

Inner Child Healing (ICH)

It takes an enormous amount of internal security to leave your comfort zone for an unknown adventure of self discovery and creativity. We invite you to open your heart and mind to a new reality, a new paradigm of your own unlimited potential. Join us for a five day workshop retreat specifically designed to awaken your intuitive senses in ways you never thought possible.

Whether you are interested in pursuing your own healing and spiritual growth, or wish to help others do the same, this course will show you how to integrate the heart connection and unconditional love into your personal life, as well as into the clinical setting. Participants in this 5-day intensive program will learn to:

  • Use automatic writing to access Spirit  Guides.

  • Travel to new spiritual dimensions.

  • Channel Spirit Guides and Master Teachers.

  • Connect with another person's energy for the purpose of understanding and healing.

  • Do psychospiritual readings.

  • Read photographs and other objects.

  • Communicate with individuals who have passed over for the purpose of  healing unresolved conflicts.

  • Take a giant step on the path of    healing and spiritual awakening.

This class will certify the graduate as a Certified Intuitive Reader


Pre-requisite: Spiritual Journey Within (Foundation Course)

Intuitive Counseling I

Have you ever wondered why when you make a decision that seems to make sense, you know that it would be of great benefit to you, and yet you find that you have trouble putting this decision into effect? How often has this happened to you?

In some cases it happens so frequently that we can believe that we have no power when it comes to losing weight, exercising, going back to school, changing jobs, attracting your true love, creating health or wealth.

This one day workshop will answer those questions and expose you to understanding of the deeper mind, universal energy, the power of thought and the higher self. Specifically designed meditations will assist you in transforming those situations into positive ones.

Magic, Mysteries and The Power of Your Mind

Why Meditate?
The demands of modern society help create in us the habit of directing the great majority of our thinking and behavior outward. We tend to be only minimally in touch with our inner selves, and tend to carry over the stress of our outer lives to an internal stream of thoughts and images. We may actually add stress to our lives by mulling over problems without finding resolution to them. Through meditation, we learn to focus uncritically on one thing at a time, to go beyond suffering in our lives and remember who we really are - an immortal self who is one with the Source of all creation.

In this workshop, participants will:

  • Review the difference between meditation,contemplation, prayer, and guided meditation.

  • Review and learn new relaxation, breathing, grounding and centering techniques.

  • Learn the techniques of one-pointed, mindfulness and walking meditation.

Pre-requisite: Meditation 101

Meditation: Bringing The Mind Home

This weekend course is similar to (ICH) but is designed to teach certified hypnotherapists how to use this method in their practices. 15 CEU's offered for hypnosis practitioners.


Pre-requisite: Certified Hypnotherapist

Inner Child Healing (ICH) For Hypnotherapists

This is a follow up to the Spiritual Journey Within  for students who want to continue to develop their soul qualities and awaken their inner senses on a continuous basis. Following the same format as the foundation course, there will be a lesson each week and a specifically designed transformational journey, to release blocks and to transform the energy of the limiting thoughts and beliefs into a higher vibration. It runs on Tuesday evenings in 8 week modules. Students may enroll for the modules as it fits into their schedule.


Pre-requisite: Spiritual Journey Within

Spiritual Journey Continues