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We all have some form of healing needed to accomplish our goals and reach our greatest potential. From the moment newcomers find Pathways, they are surrounded by people who aim to make Pathways a safe space for self-enlightenment, personal growth, and healing.

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An-Ra Healing Sessions

Master An-Ra

An-Ra is a combination of Ancient Atlantean Healing, Shaman traditions and the Heart to Heart Healing of Jesus along with the loving guidance of (Balistar, The Magdalene and The Light One), Enlightened Beings who have been sharing their love and wisdom to the Pathway’s Directors. They have added further direction and instruction to provide the cutting edge methods that are needed to raise the vibration on the planet, at this time.

An-Ra healing is a co-creation and partnership between the healer, healee and Source, thus allowing each individual and the planet to benefit from the healings.

Brazilian Spiritual Healing Sessions

This is a very powerful ancient South American Shaman Healing process that is taught to our Master An-Ra Healers. The healers go into an altered state and use their power animals to assist in the healing. They are able to identify where emotional and physical blocks are located and through moving energy and extracting the blocks the recipient is able to feel a sense of relief and a lightness.

This is a very powerful method of reducing stress and releasing blocks.

Hypnosis Sessions

Braincore at Pathways to Health

Making change rapidly and permanently is what we are all looking for. However, unless we are able to identify and release blocks, in the deeper mind, we often struggle trying to make change.

When using the HypnoSynergistic™ Approach, we can replace the blocks with positive thoughts and energy assisting the individual to feel more empowered and to make the changes that are desired. This is used for improved concentration, increased self esteem, sports performance, test taking anxiety, weight management, self hypnosis, etc.

HypnoSynergistic™ Therapy

Neuro Feedback by Pathways

HypnoSynergistic™ Therapy (HST) is a powerful combination of hypnosis, spirituality, ancient healing, and deep energy work.

HST is a healing approach developed by Dr. William Bezmen over the last 30 years. This process focuses on the healing of “the whole self”, the mind, the body and spirit. Under the guidance of a well trained HypnoSynergistic™ Practitioner, the receiver can explore, understand and heal the multi-dimensional self which can lead to uncovering the soul’s purpose.

Medical Intuitive Readings

A Pathway’s Certified Medical Intuitive is trained to provide invaluable information to issues of the physical body and can also identify mental and emotional factors that act as a direct contributor to health issues.

A medical intuitive reading does not diagnose disease; instead it can identify the location of imbalance in the body, evaluate the health of a gland or organ, or validate a strong emotion that is impacting health. Many times a medical intuitive can identify disruptive energy within the body long before it manifests as disease.

Past Life Regression

Hypnosis III

Sometimes the origin of illness and negative beliefs originates in the womb, during the birth process, or in past incarnations. This often is not resolved in traditional therapy. Past Life Regression may be the answer if you have not experienced the success that you deserve or desire.

Vibrational Healing – The Musical Spine

The spine is the central axis of the physical body. It is linked with the chakras and endocrine glands. The spine is the link between the ganglia and the chakras outside of the body, linking inner and outer energy. Trained by internationally known composer, Fabien Maman, our Vibrational Therapists are available to gently, yet effectively, restore balance and harmony while increasing the natural flow of life energy.

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